Localization services provided by Passage Global Operations include:

  • Project management
  • Localization engineering
  • Translation memory and terminology maintenance
  • Translation, editing, and proofing
  • Graphics localization
  • Technical quality assurance
  • Typesetting and compilation

In alliance with selected companies in Taiwan, mainland China, and Korea, Passage Global Operations also provides services in simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and Korean (Hangul).

Project Management

Project management includes development of project specifications and task, resource, and delivery schedules, task tracking, and quality assurance. Standard project management guidelines are employed to ensure uniformity of control from project to project.

Localization Engineering

Localization engineering is the process of identifying and resolving software design issues that arise out of differences in language or culture. The former includes items such as Japanese calendar support, character set conversion for e-mail applications, double-byte text searches, IME (input method editor) control, and character encoding for Web applications. Into the latter group fall matters ranging from screen layout preferences to tailoring of content to suit the expectations of target users. The objective of localization engineering is to produce results that are as successful in the target market as in the manufacturer's home territory.

Translation memory and terminology maintenance

Consistency in style and terminology are key factors contributing to the success of every localization project. Passage Global Operations combines modern computer-assisted translation tools such as TRADOS Workbench with translation memory and glossary management procedures that help assure consistency of style and terminology over the entire scope of a localization project. Systematic maintenance of these resources also assures that these characteristics are carried over into later updates and related localization projects.

Translation, editing, and proofing

All localizable text goes through a complete cycle of translation, editing, and proofing by qualified translators and editors. Translators and editors are teamed so that less seasoned translators get the benefit of direction from experienced editors, while less-seasoned editors work under the close supervision of a senior managing editor.

Graphics localization

Often, graphics used in Help files and Web content contain embedded text. Passage Global Operations' graphics staff are specialists in extracting such text and blending translations into the original artwork.

Technical quality assurance

Technical quality assurance is the process of ensuring that all translations are appropriate in context, as well as being linguistically accurate.

Typesetting and compilation

In addition to localizing of software interfaces, Passage Global Operations provides translation, typesetting, and compilation of conventional documents, HTML Help, and conventional Winhelp files. Help compilation is also provided for Macintosh.