Passage Global Operations

Passage Global Operations is a component of Passage Co., Ltd. Located in Tokyo, Japan, it provides translation and localization services for Web content, computer software, and related documents. Supporting both international clients targeting the Japanese IT market, and Japanese clients serving international clientele, Passage Global Operations provides comprehensive management of localization projects requiring the translation and re-engineering of user interfaces for end-user applications, administrator tools, and back-end systems.

In alliance with selected partners in China (including Taiwan) and Korea, Passage Global Operations also provides comprehensive localization services for projects directed at the greater Asian market. Using modern project management techniques, the alliance provides positive control over multi-language localization projects, while simultaneously minimizing management overhead and maintaining on-location oversight of production and quality assurance in individual countries.


Localization services provided by Passage Global Operations include:

   Project management

   Localization engineering

   Translation memory and terminology maintenance

   Translation, editing, and proofing

   Graphics localization

   Technical quality assurance

   Typesetting and compilation


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