Q: What types of services does Passage Global Operations provide?

A: Localization of software and related documents

  • Software Localization
    • Text files: RC, VB, String Tables, XML, etc.
    • Binary files: DLL, EXE, OCX, etc.
    • Resizing of dialog boxes
    • HTML Help and Winhelp Compilation
    • Testing
    • Screen capture
  • Translation of manuals and online help
    • FrameMaker
    • PageMaker
    • InDesign
    • Microsoft Word
    • RTF and HTML based online help
  • Translation of HTML and XML files for Web sites

Q: What are Passage Global Operations' areas of expertise?

A: Passage Global Operations concentrates primarily on providing service to the IT industry in the following fields.

  • Back-end systems
  • Engineering software
  • Consumer software
  • Hardware
  • Database applications
  • Internet applications
  • Security applications

Q: Can Passage Global Operations handle any type of translation?

A: No, Passage Global Operations concentrates primarily on the above fields. However, upon inquiry we will be happy to recommend other qualified companies for work that lies outside of our fields of expertise.

Q: How can we obtain a quotation?

A: Please e-mail a brief description of your project. We will respond with a list of questions. Based on your responses to these questions, we will prepare a preliminary estimate. A firm quotation will be provided upon receiving applicable resource files.